Kill the Irishman
R · 2011 ‧ Crime/Thriller ‧ 1h 46m
7.1/10 · IMDb 62% · Rotten Tomatoes 50% · Metacritic
Mobster Danny Greene (Ray Stevenson) ignites a turf war in 1970s Cleveland that leads to the collapse of the Mafia in several major U.S. cities.
Release date: March 11, 2011 (USA)
Budget: 12 million USD
Box office: 1.2 million USD
Story by: Rick Porrello

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Kill the Irishman ( 2011 ) on Netflix The true story of Danny Greene, an impoverished but charismatic young Irish-American who rises to power as president of the longshoreman's local union and is charged with corruption but evades serious jail time by becoming an FBI informant.
Written by Hensleigh and Jeremy Walters, it is based on the life of the Irish-American gangster Danny Greene, and was adapted from the book To Kill the Irishman: The War That Crippled the Mafia by Rick Porrello. Before entering production, Kill the Irishman had a troubled development stage that lasted over a decade.
In popular culture The biopic Kill the Irishman (2011), which loosely chronicles Greene's life, was directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, stars Ray Stevenson as Greene, and received favorable reviews. The Law & Order season 11 episode, "Brother's Keeper", is based on Greene's case.
Kill the Irishman is a good movie when it should be a great movie. In terms of gangster flicks, it's one of the better ones. It's nowhere near the calibre of Goodfellas or Donnie Brasco.
Rating (43,610)
Val Kilmer in Kill the Irishman (2011) Ray Stevenson in Kill the Irishman (2011) Christopher Walken and Ray Stevenson in Kill the Irishman (2011) Tony Lo ... Full Cast & Crew · Kill the Irishman (2011) · Parents Guide · Danny Greene
Kill the Irishman is a 2011 American biographical crime film directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, and starring Ray Stevenson, Vincent D'Onofrio, Christopher ... Plot · Pre-production · Production · Reception Based on: To Kill the Irishman: The War That Crippled the Mafia; by Rick Porrello Release date: : March 11, 2011; Box office: $1.2 million Produced by: Al Corley; Bart Rosenblatt; Eugene Musso; Tommy Reid
Rating (50)
Kill the Irishman may not add much in the way of new ingredients to its crowded genre, but the admirable efforts of a solidly assembled cast add extra depth to a ... Rating: R (for strong violence, language and some sexual content/nudity) Directed By: Jonathan Hensleigh
Kill the Irishman. 2011R 1h 46mIndependent Action & Adventure. This true crime tale charts the rise and fall of mobster Danny Greene, who faced down the ...
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Mar 11, 2011 · Kill the Irishman” is an extravagantly corny ode to the collapse of the Cleveland mafia in the 1970s.
Mar 24, 2011 · But the biggest problem with Kill The Irishman isn't that it rips off Goodfellas, because plenty of good films and television shows have ripped it ...
Mar 7, 2011 · Tipping its hat to both those predecessors, but lacking the visual panache or incisive characterizations of either, Kill the Irishman is a pedestrian ... Kill The Irishman: Ray Stevenson, Christopher Walken, Vincent D' Onofrio, Linda Cardellini, Val Kilmer, Jonathan Hensleigh: Movies & TV.
Mar 6, 2011 · Kill the Irishman Set in the '70s and endowed with the era's crime-drama muscle, "Kill the Irishman" also suffers from the period's proclivity for ...