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Jun 4, 2015 · kevin connoly and eric weinstein ... A former junkie, Weinstein met Wahlberg consulting for The Basketball Diaries, then became his assistant. But, Ellin says, " the show's E. is closer to Mark's manager, Steve Levinson.".

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Who is Eric Weinstein entourage?
Entourage revolves around Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier). His best friend and manager is Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly). "E," as his friends call him, is based on Mark Wahlberg's friend and executive producer Eric Weinstein. He's also been reported to be inspired by Stephen Levinson, Mark Wahlberg's manager.
Why do they call him Turtle on Entourage?
Ferrara said Entourage creator Doug Ellin granted his request that Turtle's real name be "Sal" in tribute to Sal Assante, a friend who died in 2002.
Is Johnny Drama Mark's cousin?
Johnny Drama is based on Mark Wahlberg's friend, John Alves, who he affectionately refers to as his "cousin." According to the website for the Wahlburgers reality show, which is based around Mark Wahlberg's family's burger joint in Boston, John Alves, who appears on the show and whose real-life nickname is "Johnny ...
Who is Vincent Chase based on?
Entourage executive producer Mark Wahlberg named the character after legendary Hollywood acting teacher Vincent Chase, with whom Wahlberg became friends while working on the 1997 Bill Paxton film Traveller. However, the character of Vincent Chase is a Marty Stu based on Mark Wahlberg himself.
Ari is based on Mark Wahlberg's real-life agent, Ari Emanuel, who began ... on Mark Wahlberg's friend Eric Weinstein, a former junkie who Wahlberg met on the  ...
Exclusive Photos! Mark Wahlberg Braves Afghanistan To Visit Our Troops For The Holidays! 22 December 2010 | HollywoodLife; "Entourage": Enjoy The Ride-  ...
Jun 4, 2015 · Alves was also an extra in a Marky Mark workout video. Eric, or E, is based on Wahlberg's buddy Eric Weinstein, an actor the Boston-native ...
"E," as his friends call him, is based on Mark Wahlberg's friend and executive producer Eric Weinstein. He's also been reported to be inspired by Stephen ...
Video for Eric Weinstein Mark Wahlberg
May 22, 2014 · Mark Wahlberg talked about his role in the film. Also speaking is Mr Eric Weinstein - the ...Duration: 4:25 Posted: May 22, 2014
Feb 7, 2011 · “Wherever I went, Johnny went,” remembers Mark. Rounding out the group was Eric “E” Weinstein, a former junkie Wahlberg had met on the set ...
Sep 1, 2006 · Meet Mark Wahlberg's posse, a tight band that is almost impossible to ... Apparently, his personal assistant, Eric Weinstein, hadn't responded to ...
The Mark of whom he speaks is the actor Mark Wahlberg, who serves not ... of the show's executive producers, and Eric Weinstein, a middle-aged Bronx native, ...
Apr 9, 2012 · Weinstein, who inspired the "Entourage" character Eric (E) Murphy, did attend, but angered Donnie's family. Carroll claimed that when Weinstein ...

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