Georgianne Walken was born on February 8, 1944 as Georgianne Leigh ... The Sopranos Casting Director (1999-2007) ... The Sopranos Local Woman (2006).
Georgianne Leigh Walken (née Thon; born 1944) is an American casting director . Life and career[edit]. Walken, along with casting partner Sheila Jaffe of Walken/ Jaffe, has been the casting director for more than 80 television shows and movies since 1991, including The Sopranos and Entourage. Born: Georgianne Leigh Thon; February 8, 1944 (age 76); United States Spouse(s): Christopher Walken (m. 1969)
Mar 12, 2006 · ... for “The Sopranos” in Harrison, N.J. Like most of those in attendance, Quinn never got to see “Sopranos” casting director Georgianne Walken ...

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How much is Christopher Walken worth?
Christopher Walken Net Worth: Christopher Walken is an American actor, director, and writer who has a net worth of $50 million. Born in Queens, New York, in 1943, Christopher Walken has appeared in more than 100 different movie and TV shows.
Who is Christopher Walken's daughter?
In 1969, Walken married casting director Georgianne Walken (née Thon; born 1944). The couple have no children, and Walken has stated in interviews that being childless is one of the reasons he has had such a prolific career. The couple have a cat named Bowtie, and their previous cat was named Flapjack.
Is Georgianne Walken related to Christopher Walken?
Catherine McNiff. Prolific film actor Christopher Walken and his casting director wife, Georgianne are former dancers who met during a touring production of West Side Story. They have both had successful careers, choosing not to have children.
How old is Chris Walken?
77 years (March 31, 1943)
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Jul 26, 2000 · Casting director Georgianne Walken, who helped recruit ”Sopranos” stars James Gandolfini and Edie Falco, issued a statement saying, ”We ...
Dec 4, 2014 · Georgianne Walken Is a Successful Casting Director, Known For Her Work On The Sopranos. The Sopranos. This groundbreaking drama series ...
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Oct 23, 2015 · Georgianne Leigh Walken is an American casting director. This video is targeted to blind ...Duration: 1:07 Posted: Oct 23, 2015
Aug 17, 2018 · Georgianne Walken is an American casting director. ... has appeared in the popular American crime drama television series 'The Sopranos'.
Apr 4, 2007 · The Sopranos. 9:00 PM ... HBO's "The Sopranos" has been one of television's true monuments, ... Casting: Georgianne Walken, Sheila Jaffe
Feb 20, 2001 · ... posed several challenges for Casting Director Georgianne Walken and her partner, Sheila Jaffe. As Walken recalls, the contemporary tale of ...
Oct 11, 2004 · ' And I mean big names," said Walken, who is married to the hit HBO show's casting director, Georgianne. "You'd be surprised how many people ...