Georgianne Walken started her career as a casting director and has worked in over 80 productions till date. She teamed up with her casting partner Sheila Jaffe and formed the Walken/Jaffe casting production group. Her first ever casting work was in 1990 in the film 'End of the Night'.
Georgianne Leigh Walken (née Thon; born 1944) is an American casting director . Life and career[edit]. Walken, along with casting partner Sheila Jaffe of ... Spouse(s): Christopher Walken (m. 1969) Born: Georgianne Leigh Thon; February 8, 1944 (age 76); United States
Filmography. Known For. The Sopranos Casting Director (1999-2007) Entourage Casting Director (2004-2007) The Final Cut Casting Director (2004) Known For. The Mothman Prophecies Casting Director (2002) Actress. The Sopranos Local Woman (2006) Actress. Brainstorm Wendy Abramson (1983) Casting Director. Entourage (2004- ...
Sheila Jaffe, Casting Director: Entourage. Sheila Jaffe is ... With her casting partner, Georgianne Walken, their company is called Walken/Jaffe. Getting Started ...

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How much is Christopher Walken worth?
Christopher Walken Net Worth: Christopher Walken is an American actor, director, and writer who has a net worth of $50 million. Born in Queens, New York, in 1943, Christopher Walken has appeared in more than 100 different movie and TV shows.
Is Georgianne Walken related to Christopher Walken?
Catherine McNiff. Prolific film actor Christopher Walken and his casting director wife, Georgianne are former dancers who met during a touring production of West Side Story. They have both had successful careers, choosing not to have children.
Is Christopher Walken still married?
Christopher Walken Has No Regrets About Never Having Children With His Wife Of Nearly 50 Years. Christopher Walken's marriage is a rarity in Hollywood. The actor and his wife, Georgianne, met in the late '60s and have been together ever since. Georgianne, who later became a casting director, did some acting back then.
How old is Chris Walken?
77 years (March 31, 1943)
Christopher Walken / Age
May 18, 2012 · With casting partner Georgianne Walken, she won a primetime ... "I think all actors, whether they're directing or producing, really like to be ...
Jul 26, 2000 · Casting director Georgianne Walken, who helped recruit ”Sopranos” ... of the lucky ones who managed to get his mug before HBO personnel.
Georgianne Leigh Walken (née Thon; born 1944) is an American casting director . ... fiction film directed by Douglas Trumbull, and starring Christopher Walken, ...
Georgianne Walken is an American casting director. ... She often collaborates with her casting partner Sheila Jaffe, and the two directed the casting for the 1996  ...
Georgianne Walken. 103 likes. Georgianne Leigh Walken is an American casting director.

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