Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American artist of Haitian and Puerto Rican descent. Basquiat ... Basquiat often painted in expensive Armani suits; and he would even appear in public in the same paint-splattered clothes. ... Many of his peers speculated that his heroin use was a means of coping with the demands of his ...

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What do Basquiat paintings mean?
Basquiat's crown acts as a perfect complement to his fascination with the human head and skull. The two themes — crowns and heads — proclaim a deep struggle between dichotomies: perceived self-worth and marginalization, divinity and destitution, and the interplay between the material world and the intellect.
What does Basquiat's crown mean?
With his signature recurring motif – the crown – the artist recognizes the majesty of his heroes: groundbreaking athletes, musicians and writers. Inspired by their accomplishments, Basquiat believed he was continuing the work of this noble lineage: he often depicts himself wearing the same crown in his self-portraits.
What does Aopkhes mean?
The word Aopkhes is a mystery word, that came about in his 1982 oil and crayon painting Cabeza, Basquiat depicts a central figure in black against cadmium yellow and orange field. The word written in white crayon “AOPKHES,” a name of uncertain meaning was painted across the chest of the figure.
What is Jean Michel Basquiat's iconic painting?
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled, 1982. Courtesy of Sotheby's. One of Basquiat's most famous head paintings is an untitled work from 1981 that is among the holdings of mega-collectors Edythe and Eli Broad's Los Angeles museum, The Broad.
Aug 31, 2017 ˇ Our need to give meaning to the artist's outpourings of expression and ... Sax ( 1984) and Untitled (Bird of Paradise) (1984) are distinguished for ...
paintings are themes of racial and socioeconomic inequality and the degradation of ... depict a wide variety of text and image, of theme and meaning. ... states, “ Basquiat introduced into his visual epic such black heroes as Malcolm X and ... Congolese forced to strip rubber trees or the South African diamond and gold miners ...

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